Are you a new lodge looking for a booking system that will grow with you?

Then our Incubator Programme is perfect for you!  

What is our Incubator Programme?

We know how exciting it is to create a new experience for customers. It’s also a time when you need reliable suppliers, who understand your business, and who have connections and interfaces to important industry partners. We know that, in a new business, revenues start slowly and grow as you build your vision.

To support entrepreneurial endeavours for small or start-up lodges and hotels, we started our Incubator Programme. Our Incubator Programme is a new business support programme that helps new or fledgling properties by giving you access to our full software solution, at a reduced price, while you start out your journey to success.  

How does our Incubator Programme work?

As a new or small business owner, signing up as an Incubator Partner will give you access to our ResRequest Enterprise software, and related services, at a reduced rate. You will receive free support in line with our fair use policy and free system upgrades, ensuring your software system lives up to trends in the industry.

Benefits of belonging to the Incubator Programme

  • Paying a significantly reduced ResRequest license fee.
  • Full access to all product modules available in ResRequest.
  • Access to over 50 specialist agents, through our API and ResConnect Partner Network programme.
  • Use of our website booking widget, ResNova.
  • You will receive support, annual training and upgrades.

Sign up to our Incubator Programme

To apply to our Incubator Programme please fill in the questions below so we can find out more about your business and send you a proposal.

Term & conditions
1. Qualifying by either our room number or bednight revenue restrictions.
2. Must be a lodge, boutique hotel or resort that is experience-based and must have a maximum of 2 properties.
3. If the incubator client gets bought off by a larger company, that company would pay full ResRequest licensing fees if they choose to use ResRequest as their central reservations system.
4. By accessing our product you agree to our monthly fees.
5. The incubator client will have access to all ResRequest products and services, including free vendor partner products.
6. Training includes travel costs and accommodation.

Why our customers recommend us

“The team are hugely supportive of our requirements and in the 6 or 7 years that we have used this application, we have never experienced a failure as a result of ResRequest outage or failure. Peace of mind goes without saying with this product. Having a routine synchronisation with ResRequest servers is very attractive making redundancy and failover a key feature.”

Sales and Reservations Director

“ResRequest has allowed our reservations, operations and sales staff spread across numerous countries to now have fast, accurate and streamlined access to our bed nights at all our camps. Our agents and clients also now have access to live and up-to-date info on what is and isn’t available at our camps. All this resulting in increased sales and occupancies at our camps whilst we are now empowered to deliver a greater service to all our customers and guests.”


“Operating in multiple countries, with different currencies, used to mean multiple systems. Now we manage our entire business on a single ResRequest Enterprise system.”

Reservations manager

“An offline reservation system or a web-based solution? With ResRequest we have the best of both worlds – an offline system in each location and 100% functionality from any computer connected to the Internet.”

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