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With Covid-19 still a global pandemic, it’s hard to predict what markets will look like over the next few months. Seeing which markets are opening up, in what timeframes, and from which countries, is more important than ever.

With our new initiative,, we can show you patterns of recovery, as they happen. is a series of dashboards we have developed together with data analysts Pomerol Partners. Dashboards in are created from anonymously aggregated ResRequest data. The charts show booking trends in destination areas and countries, as well as identifying countries from which travel is originating, enabling you to identify active markets.

Charts also include insights into when these markets are opening up and tourist travel behaviours, for example: average length of stay and lead time before travel. With this information, you can stimulate sales by applying the best rate strategies and deals to appeal to the first markets that start opening. charts are a freemium service.
Our free version includes charts specific to Covid Recovery and our Pro (paid for) version provides Tourism Insights.
Below are the versions and price options available.

How it works

Here’s how works:

  • takes consolidated anonymous ResRequest data and plots booking trends in your area and country.
  • The charts highlight originating country travel patterns showing what markets are opening.
  • The information is based on bed nights, yield trends, created dates, and originating countries.
  • Participating customers are automatically included.
  • Charts are accessible from ResRequest dashboards. Chart Samples charts are in the final usability sign off stages and may change slightly before our release in September 2020. Below are samples of available charts.

Yes, your data is anonymised. Any information that identifies the data as yours is removed. We also only use data that adds value to aggregated market insights. Data that we know you consider your secret recipe or “for your eyes only” is excluded. We remove all Agent, Originator, Guest names and contact details. We only link yield and bed nights to postal and physical countries or nationalities.

We exclude booking numbers, vouchers, notes, payments, and payment plans. We also make sure users cannot drill down to specific regions for geographic locations where we have limited client representation. This anonymity also ensures that users cannot use location to determine that this data is yours.

Yes, you can opt-out anytime. If you opt-out your data is completely excluded from the charts but you also lose access to this vital intelligence. We think you’ll get so much value that you’ll continue using it long after Covid is part of our history! Please note that’s license has a calendar month’s notice to align with billing processes, this only affects paid-for tiers.

Absolutely, yes. Our NDA with Pomerol Partners prevents Pomerol Partners from forwarding or using any data from ResRequest except for the purpose of providing intelligence as described, while preserving your anonymity.

Yes. We will use this anonymised data for tourism bodies to track trends and build appropriate strategies for market recovery. This will guide tourism bodies to focus their efforts for your benefit. This product will be a paid-for service hosted on our website. We also plan to approach more booking systems and encourage them to participate so you have a wealth of data on which to base your decisions. Your charts can be filtered for data that is relevant to your market. charts will be accessible from your ResRequest Dashboard. The same charts are hosted on the website, which is only accessible by web customers. Licensed ResRequest’s customers using ResInsite can also access from their ResInsite dashboard. If we successfully onboard other products to participate, charts may be displayed in their respective dashboards, this data is completely anonymised and there is absolutely no way that your location and/or business contact information is identifiable.

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