2023 Unwrapped

As the curtains close on 2023, we find ourselves awash with a deep sense of gratitude and bubbling enthusiasm for the year ahead. Reflecting on the year that has slipped by, it’s not just the achievements that we recall, but the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon together with you, our valued partners and customers. Each step has been integral in shaping a year that’s been as unique as it has been rewarding.

So, let’s turn the pages back and relive these moments that have not just marked the calendar but have also enriched our experience.

Year-end wrap up

As we close another year, we’re thrilled to share glimpses of our two-day annual year-end wrap-up. Day one was a whirlwind of serious business, where ideas sparked and strategies aligned. Then came day two, a joyous contrast filled with serious fun, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Here’s to a year well celebrated and another eagerly anticipated!

Conferences and Connections

2023 saw us return to the vibrant world of conferences and industry events. We revelled in the opportunity to connect face-to-face at renowned gatherings like TravelTech World, E-Tourism Summit, and the Global Hospitality Expo. Each event was a unique platform for sharing insights, forging new relationships, and strengthening existing bonds. We’re excited to share a glimpse of these moments through our photo gallery.

On-the-Ground Training Adventures

Our training team took to the skies again this year, bringing hands-on, personalised training to some of the most stunning destinations on the planet. From lush rainforests to historic cities, we’ve captured the essence of these locales in our training sessions. Dive into our video montage to experience these breathtaking training adventures.

Welcoming New Talent

In 2023, ResRequest grew! We welcomed a dynamic group of professionals into our fold, enhancing departments like Onboarding, Professional Services,  Data Services, and Connections. These talented individuals bring fresh perspectives and skills, strengthening our mission to deliver outstanding service. Meet our newest team members in this video.

Celebrating Our Superheroes

Our team’s resilience and dedication have been the backbone of our success this year. We’ve celebrated their achievements and the extraordinary ways they’ve contributed to our mission and our community. From individual acknowledgments to team initiatives, we’re proud to showcase these superheroes in a special feature.

This year also marked a momentous occasion as we celebrated two significant work anniversaries within our team. These milestones are a testament to the commitment and passion our colleagues bring to ResRequest, growing and evolving with us through the years. Here’s to many more years of such shared journeys, filled with achievements and camaraderie!

Enhancing Workplace Culture

Remote work has evolved, and so have our methods of appreciation and recognition. This year, we introduced the ‘Hi5’ initiative, celebrating weekly champions in our team. Next year, we’re excited to extend this appreciation system to you, allowing you to Hi5 our team members directly. Stay tuned for this interactive feature.

ResFit Clubs: Fostering Wellness and Team Spirit

2023 at ResRequest was enriched by the diverse activities of our ResFit clubs. These clubs, ranging from photography to chess, played a crucial role in promoting wellness and hobby development among our team. Social Bees, one of these vibrant clubs, added a special flavor by organising fun social events and inviting team members and sometimes their families to join in the fun.

Our montage highlights these activities, reflecting the balance we strike between professional growth and personal well-being.

Community Impact and Givebacks

Giving back has always been at the heart of ResRequest. This year, we’ve supported various initiatives, from educational programs to environmental efforts. Our giveback highlights video showcases the meaningful impact we’ve made together in our communities.

Executive Insights: Steering ResRequest Forward

Here, you will find words of wisdom, experiences, and future aspirations from some of our leaders at the forefront of our operations. They have navigated 2023 with resilience and foresight, ensuring that ResRequest continues to thrive and evolve in an ever-changing business landscape.



As the festive season approaches, I want to share with you the genuine excitement that’s building here at ResRequest. This past year has been a journey of innovation and dedication, focused on enhancing our product offerings and strengthening our customer support. Your feedback has been our guiding star, and thanks to that, we’re on the cusp of rolling out the most substantial updates to our services yet.

Looking ahead, 2024 is poised to be a year of transformation — for us, and you, our valued partner. We’re not just anticipating change; we’re leading it, with the promise to deliver solutions that support the heart and soul of your business. Together, we’ll embrace these new features and services, and I’m confident they will help propel your business into a future bright with possibility.

Warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you and yours.


Director of New Business

As the New Business Director of ResRequest, I wanted to take a moment to send you my heartfelt wishes for a joyous and magical holiday season. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you this past year, and I am truly grateful for the trust and partnership you’ve extended to ResRequest.

As the holiday festivities unfold, I hope you find time to unwind, surrounded by the warmth of loved ones and the joy of the season. May these moments of celebration be a beautiful tapestry of memories that you carry into the coming year.

Looking ahead to 2024, I am excited about the possibilities and challenges that await us. With your ongoing support, I am confident that we will continue to reach new heights together.

On behalf of the entire ResRequest team, I want to express our deepest gratitude for your partnership and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the coming year be filled with prosperity, exciting opportunities, and moments of pure happiness.


Head of Customer Services

As the Head of Customer Services at ResRequest, I am filled with gratitude as I reflect on the year that has passed. It’s been a year of remarkable achievements and learning, and your unwavering support has been the cornerstone of our success. Engaging and collaborating with you, our esteemed customers, has been the highlight of my year. Witnessing your growth and resilience in the face of challenges has been nothing short of inspiring.

The trend this past year, overall, has been growth. It has been such a privilege to work closely with our customers as they equip their teams and their systems for a busy market. This year has certainly taught us to work smarter and make sure we’re taking moments to appreciate the good things happening all around us. Wishing all our customers a beautiful Festive Season and all the very best for the New Year. There’s a lot worth celebrating!