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2023 Unwrapped

As 2023 wraps up, ResRequest reflects on a year of extraordinary experiences and achievements. With a mix of fun, challenges, and growth, we navigated through an unforgettable year, making lasting memories. This blog is a vibrant celebration of all we’ve accomplished and learned, embodying our journey through the past twelve months. Here’s to embracing the adventures that await in 2024 with the same enthusiasm and spirit!

Accounting Integrations

ResRequest is the logical place from which to generate your official tax invoices because it contains all relevant pricing, tax, and customer data. You can integrate your ResRequest system into an accounting system to send invoices electronically from ResRequest.

Fiscalisation within ResRequest

Fiscalisation is designed for Tax Authorities to collect and record VAT transactions accurately. Recently there has been a wave of fiscal requirements for the online recording of VAT transactions. In this article, we explain fiscalisation and how it works in ResRequest.