Phone a friend…FAQs

Written by Angie Geringer

As the call centre inbox supervisor I process and respond to many of the incoming support requests. The 3 most common questions have to do with clearing caches, user access permissions and reports. We aspire to help our users manage their ResRequest system efficiently. It can be extremely daunting trying to interpret loads of technical jargon – but thankfully, we have online tutorials and a wiki which explain all aspects of the system, and they are as easy as 1-2-3.


bin-icon Clearing Caches
Upgrades are an integral part of the ResRequest system. With each upgrade, the caches and browser history have to be cleared for every machine that uses ResRequest. Most users only clear their cache, but sometimes it is necessary to clear the browser’s history as well – so it’s best to do both.

Take a look at how easy it is to: Clear your cache


User-access-icon User Access Permissions
I receive requests daily from clients asking to set up users and their appropriate user rights. It’s an easy process, especially if the user groups are already in place.

There are 3 levels of user access permissions:

1. User access for staff
2. Function access
3. Property and accommodation access

This module allows managers to control who can do what within the ResRequest system and proves to be an effective tool for employee management.


Reports-icon Reports
Reports can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with financials and bed nights.  The reporting options are endless and configurations can become quite intimidating. However, when utilised and understood correctly, reports are golden!

Our tutorials explain reports and report set up beautifully. In general, I see a growing inclination towards two reports in particular and that would be the Bed night report and the Financial analysis report (FAR).

Here’s how to get started with the basics: Report basics

The financial analysis reports can get very complex, but if you familiarise yourself with the basics and build on that, you’ll grasp Financials in no time: FAR report basics.

As you explore the world of reporting and the rates module’s functionality, you’ll discover how much ResRequest can really do for you. We have a dynamic support team ready to assist along the way and a development team who are continually evolving the ResRequest system to better suit the needs of our customers. When you utilise this system to its full potential, the possibilities are infinite!