The Giant Flag

We’ve got behind a creative initiative with monumental potential which we will follow and share with great interest. We became a part of the flag by picking to plant red hot blooded desert roses aka the Fire Barrel.

The Giant Flag is a legacy project of vast proportions, a celebration of the spirit of South Africa and her people. The catalysts are building a giant flag made up of millions of coloured desert cacti and succulents, and a four-megawatt solar field, in an area that was previously completely barren. Effectively viewable from space and the size of 66 soccer fields, The Giant Flag will not only claim its place as a natural wonder, but also as a new model of economic stimulus for previously disadvantaged communities. Job creation, clean energy and tourism come together in a world first green innovation project that’s making change happen in South Africa!

Make change happen

Your contribution, big or small, has the ability to transform people’s lives. You will be joining a community of global change-makers in creating hundreds of green collar jobs, with women constituting a majority of the labour force. You will also be stimulating future entrepreneurs and furthering education for the future of South Africa. They’re not just seeding a few plants,  a community will grow and what could become a model for a thriving sustainable development.

Global connection

With your help, this project has the potential to become the biggest global collaboration of its kind. The Giant Flag will serve as a community of optimism, linking people through the power of positive change. Contributors will be able to share messages of support and spark new connections that will hopefully grow as the Giant Flag grows.

Green is great

Green is the new black … red, white, blue and yellow! The millions of succulents and cacti in the Giant Flag will be able to offset approximately 200 tons of carbon a year which will play it’s part in combating climate change. They will also bring back rich and diverse plant life to this currently barren area. Plus, our 4 megawatt solar field will have the ability to power more than 4000 homes.

Why don’t you consider being a part of this great idea and support South African communities, clean energy and tourism. Become a part of the flag here.