The Mamma Gogo initiative

We are running alongside a creative outreach called the MammaGogo Initiative.

Adventure through art – The aim is to:

  • Explore the creative potential of communities across South Africa and potentially Africa through a the medium of a creative outreach program.
  • Document the diverse heritage of her people and the expression of her culture by means of a photo journal
  • Engage communities (including those on social media) to the collective story of this creative adventure

The Mamma Gogo Initiative is a documented journey of a very special Landrover, exploring culture and heritage, creative outreach programs and implementation of educational initiatives.

Mamma Gogo is the name of the series III Landrover that will enable me to reach these communities. She is the mascot and is currently in need of of essential repairs.
Perhaps there are future possibilities that the journey passes through areas linked to ResRequest and if so we will talk about implementing an outreach in one of these local communities.

The donation we gave will go towards the essential repairs of the Landrover. Donald Barnett is currently in discussions with the Kara Heritage Institute and working on a multi-media package for them around this purpose.

“The purpose of ART in any form is to return us back to ourselves”