The Twitter consumer

Twitter is an everyday activity – 61% of users visit Twitter everyday & more than 2 in 5 engage several times a day.

Mobile is at the heart of Twitter – 85% use a mobile device (phone and/or tablet) to access Twitter. 79%, of whom, state that mobile devices are the primary way they access Twitter.

Followers are part of the ongoing conversation – 76% follow brands/companies. 2 in 3 of whom, have never unfollowed a brand. 59% of those who follow brands/companies are potential new customers [only 41% are current customers].

Get noticed – 79% of Twitter users recalled seeing promoted content. Those aware are more likely to use Twitter to discover new brands/products.

From the South Africa consumer survey we learn that out of the Twitter mobile users:

  • 37% use Twitter to discover new brands/products,
  • 76% use Twitter to follow brands/companies,
  • 29% Tweet about brands/companies,
  • 35% use Twitter whilst shopping,
  • Only 13% strongly agree that advertising on Twitter is irritating.

Brands and companies benefited from their twitter following by:

  • 68% visited the brands website,
  • 53% searched for the brand/product on the internet,
  • 53% have bought the brand/product,
  • 59% Found out more info about a brand,
  • 41% Tweeted about a positive experience,
  • 52% Looked at reviews and recommendations.

Twitter’s targeting options let you connect with the people and moments which offer the greatest opportunities. 

Keywords: Reach people who search, Tweet about, or engage with specific keywords.

Interests & Followers: Reach people with specific interests or who are similar to followers of.

Television: Reach people who engage with specific television programming specific accounts.

Tailored audiences: Reach people on lists you define based on cookie IDs, email addresses from your CRM or Twitter user IDs.

Refine your targeting by: gender, device, geography and language.

What’s the moment?

Live moments are the cultural events – local, national and global – that people talk about on Twitter. You can prepare for these events in advance to ensure you participate in live conversations in the most effective way.

Everyday moments are a great way to connect with users. These are the conversations people have on Twitter about aspects of their daily lives. Such examples are their commute, food and drink, exercise and many more. Your brand/business can lever to reach and engage them day in, day out.

Campaign moments are your brand’s advertising activities that you plan for and execute at specific times of the year. These particular moments can be used in conjunction with live, everyday and reactive moments.

Reactive moments are the unexpected things that happen in our lives that your brand can respond to (for example, the Suarez bite!). You can’t necessarily plan for them, but you can be prepared for them to respond effectively as they happen.

Twitter Ads

Achieve your marketing goals with tailored, targeted messaging at scale and take your tweets further with twitter cards. These rich-media Promoted Tweets are auto-expanded in users’ timelines, and you can set them up directly in Twitter Ads.

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