ResInsite is a data analytics application available to you as a ResRequest customer. This great analytics application plots your customer’s sales behaviours and booking trends, so you can identify and implement strategies that will increase your business revenue, and improve your performance.

Users of ResInsite love that they are able to view their ResRequest data trends, like sales and operational activity on charts and matrixes, and that they can customise charts from other areas of their business, like budgets and creditors. 

It’s easy to set up, easy to use and can be customised to your business needs!

This year a new version of ResInsite is available. The release includes new charts and new functionality. Below is a teaser of one of many new dashboards available in the new release.

More about the dream team behind ResInsite and

Tom Imrie, founder of Travel Trackers spoke to us about the changes: “It’s been a challenging few years for those of us at the coalface of tourism and we are hopeful that the world is currently writing Covid’s last chapter. With a bright New Year, large doses of renewed optimism, and a market that is definitely rebooting – we have also been exploring our options as to where we fit in with the global business that is Pomerol Partners. Last year we were given an opportunity to rebrand and strike out on our own and as of the 1st of January we are now proudly Travel Trackers – in Africa, By Africa, and for Africa.”

ResInsite is the dream of Tom and Kate Imrie, previously representing Pomerol Partners, now representing their own data analytics company, Travel Trackers.

The announcement of the Pomerol and Travel Trackers separation necessitates a few changes over the coming months as Travel Trackers migrate systems and analytics onto their own infrastructure. “We are using the migration as an opportunity to re-invigorate the way that we present ResInsite and some of the allied applications that we have deployed to our many clients across the continent,” says Tom. “The biggest change is that we are in the process of moving ResInsite from the behemoth that is Qlikview to its sister product Qlik Sense. Qlik Sense has always been designed with usability in mind and we are super excited to start the process of redeploying ResInsite in a format that users will find appealing. Modern, deeper, broader, faster, dynamic, and cleaner are just some of the buzz words associated with Qlik Sense.” 

Tom, Kate, and the Travel Trackers team will be reaching out to ResInsite clients about this exciting new development. They will schedule the upgrades and talk through new features with ResInsite re-imagined.

For those who haven’t been introduced to Travel Tracker’s analytics and capabilities, the team welcomes the opportunity to talk to you and explore what’s possible with your ResRequest data in ResInsite, and to share more about their very exciting industry-wide initiative,

ResInsite & Travel Trackers Price List 2022

Consultative services are also available from Travel Trackers, with prices shown below.

If you would like more information on how to sign up for ResInsite and please reach out to ResRequest Support (or use the form below), or visit Travel Trackers for details about their products and services.

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