Jill, one of ResRequest’s founders, is passionate about travel, lairds, and Lindt Vegan Chocolate. The technology bug and the travel bug hit when she started high school, both have never left.

Jill has spent years weaving her love for adventure and her passion for technology into a vibrant tapestry of success. At the helm of ResRequest, she’s not just managing a company; she’s working with her team to create a story where every boutique lodge and experience-based destination gets to star in its own digital revolution.

Her expertise in customer engagement and her studies in NLP means she’s not just talking tech; she’s talking human. It’s like she’s got a sixth sense of what users need, often before they know they need it!

In between ResRequest, Tetris, and design, Jill finds motivation and support from her family.

You’ll find her most active on her laptop early hours of the morning when she breathes life into specs, images, and ideas.