Tracey Lansley is our HR and Senior Office Administrator, She was born on the 5th of June so if ever you want to impress her on her birthday – why not try to do it with her favourite birthday treat, Chocolate Cherry Liqueurs. 

Like most of us here she is also quite the daredevil – the biggest risk she has ever taken was swing jumping of Lehr Falls. The craziest experience she ever had was when her dress got stuck in an escalator! 

Her favourite tech item is her tablet and she loves the fact that technology has helped with having 1000s of books at her fingertips. If she had an air ticket it would be to Tanzania to see the migration – maybe she is getting closer to having her dream come true by working with ResRequest.

She loves nature, cats, winter, and cake too! A quote she lives by is “When you look for the good in others, you will discover the best in yourself” by Martin Walsh.