Starterpack: Business Analysis

Starterpacks Business Analysis

Seeing your business clearly

Tourism can be a tricky business – you never know what may impact your region next (terrorism, ebola, political unrest, the misguided impression that Africa is a single country).

We can’t help you predict the future but we can help you interpret your ResRequest data and spot the booking and travel trends relevant to you – because, let’s face it, nobody knows your business like you do.

What dashboards are available?


    Integrated dashboards at your fingertips give you clear information that helps you manage your teams, track your efficiencies and increase your sales. Find out more.


    As partners in the initiative, our clients are able to participate in the initiative where they can view booking trends in destination areas and countries from which travel is originating, enabling you to identify active markets. Find out more.


    Resinsite includes over 20 pre-built charts based on your ResRequest data. Designed by data analysts Pomerol Partners, this powerful tool can be extended to include overlaying your ResRequest performance for example benchmarking ResRequest sales with your sales targets, tracing creditor and debtor patterns and more!

ResRequest’s Reporting capabilities are the thing that sets us apart from most other systems – and an area that is under-utilised, because people aren’t used to being able to see the kind of information we can show them.

The reports you pull from ResRequest can be represented as graphs using Google Spreadsheet, Excel or Numbers to make it easier to identify trends, growths and declines.

Your company will be set up in a unique way, possibly with properties, accommodation types or rate types that should be excluded from statistical/revenue reporting.

Note – the results can only reflect the information in your system, so your data needs to be correct, up to date and consistently captured for accurate results.

What financial reports you can create

  • Cash Forecast

    This shows how much money you can expect in the future for existing bookings, and when you can expect it?

  • Debt age analysis

    This shows how much money is owed to you, and how old the debt is?

  • Booking lead time

    This shows how far in advance bookings come in and are confirmed (which helps you estimate how many bookings could still be coming in for you in a year).

  • Yield

    This shows what your yield is per bednight across Agents / Properties / Room Types / Rate Types / Periods etc. Compare that with total bednights and total revenue to get a good picture of exactly what makes you the most money.

ResRequest Business analysis

What you can identify with marketing and sales reports

  • Recognise your top agents

    See who sells you consistently, who’s on the increase, who’s on the decline. Make it easy for your marketing team to target the people who need attention.

  • Know where your business comes from

    See what countries are booking you, what countries your guests are from, which marketing campaigns are successful – helping you know where to target your marketing efforts.

Rate related reports you can use

  • Profit

    If you set up profit as a component of your rate, you can easily report on the actual profit you are making on every bednight / Rate Type / Agent / Property / Room Type etc.

  • Performance

    Which Rate Type / Commission Percentage performs best and produces the biggest revenue stream?

Useful reservation managements reports

  • Average age of bookings

    Are provisional bookings holding dead space on your system for too long?

  • Cancellations

    Are your terms being adhered to? Which Agents consistently cancel late? On average how far out are bookings being released?

  • Consultants

    Who on your team is doing what they need to do?

Harness your ResRequest data in ResInsite, a business intelligence platform built to leverage your data for smarter and faster decision making. ResInsite includes over 20 pre-built, customisable graphs and charts so you can see business trends and easily analyse predictive scenarios. Sign up with Pomerol Partners at [email protected] to use the powerful platform.

Find out more about ResInsite.

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